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12 Physical Systems

There are twelve physical systems. According to a certain time and principle, they go up and down, and connect with each other on a daily basis. And each system has its own section of the most active time.

12 Physical Systems 1

Three pairs of foot meridian have the highest representation of change in Yin/Yang. <The Yellow Emperor Inner Canon> said “The Tai Yang is to open while the Yang Ming is to close; the Shao Yang act like a hinge.” This is to point out that Foot Tai Yang Bladder Meridian, Foot Yang Ming Stomach Meridian and Foot Shao Yang Gallbladder Meridian have their special functions in human physical activities. The abnormal changes in their Yin and Yang will be the key to disease.

12 Physical Systems 2

The “Treatise On Cold Pathogenic Diseases” has thoroughly discussed in detail the abnormality of Yin and Yang of these three foot meridian and the pathological phenomena, and the resulting treatment rules.

12 Physical Systems 3

The chart above is the twelve physical systems, six pairs of the Zang/Fu Yin/Yang (the yin/yang of our internal organs). In the connection of up and down, opening and closing of the twelve physical systems, each system has its own performance of a specific growth and decline of Yin and Yang, and they compose the activities of the human life large cycle, which is like a ring with no terminus. Their movement is as follows (on the left image).

Circulation Systems

There are three extremely important circulating systems that control and regulate Qi, Blood and Fluid respectively.

A. The system of heart, liver and spleen are responsible for regulating and controlling blood circulation.

B. The lung is the main source, constituting with all other meridian for Qi regulation and control.

C. The system of lung, spleen, kidney, bladder and SanJiao cooperate with each other for fluid regulation and control.

Foot Tai Yang Bladder Meridian is the easiest one to get affected amongst the twelve meridians, since it is the longest, most widely distributed and has the most important mission to our health. Once Foot Tai Yang Bladder Meridian breaks down, disease generates, such as diabetes, oedema, obesity, cervical spondylosis, sciatica, back pain, colds, fever, headaches, skin problems, etc. All this is closely related to Foot Tai Yang Bladder Meridian. Since the publication of “Treatise on Cold Pathogenic Diseases”, the ancient medical doctors have provided a wealth of clinical experience and detailed discussions of this theory.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Cherry – Its property is warm, which can replenish our blood, strengthen the kidney, replenish Yang and strengthen our body, which is most suitable for people who are always weak and feel cold.

Pear – Pear helps to clear the heat and moisten our lung, and is suitable for people who have real heat or false heat that requires clearing.

Like we mention above, treating heat syndrome with cold methods and treating cold syndrome with heat methods is a kind of Chinese Medicine treatment. It reflects the rule of Yin Yang balance. To be specific, people who suffer from chills and lack of energy, in term of TCM, are Yang deficient. Therefore, energy and hot natural herbs should be used to help balance and regain the internal body environment. This is called “treating the cold syndrome with heat methods”. However, Yin deficient people who suffer from hot night sweats should moisten with cool elements in nature, which helps to balance Yin and Yang. This is called “treating heat syndrome with cold methods”. If this link is inaccurate, the internal body environment will not regain balance. On the contrary, it may cause further damage, and this is what we call misdiagnosis.

Yin Yang

(The Most Basic and Simple Theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Yin/Yang balance – our body feels right, internal body environments are normal and there is no chance for any bacteria or virus to grow.

Yin excess/Yang deficient – our body feels discomfort, cold, lower energy and we lose the balance of internal body environments. This condition will cause the decrease of both the energy and immune systems, weakness of internal organs and, as a result, diseases generate.

Yin deficient/Yang excess – our body feels discomfort. We are hot internally, have night sweats and lose the balance of internal body environments. This condition will bring forth a decrease of both energy and the immune system, and disease will germinate. Under this condition, our body is host to a variety of pathogenic bacteria and virus growth. Skin disease and hair loss will appear.

Yin/Yang collapse – severe condition (dying).

Chinese Medicine describes the body physiology with pathology that is simple and clear. With improvements to the body’s internal environment and an allowance of Yin and Yang to balance, the body will return to a normal and healthy condition. In the theory of Chinese Medicine treatment, Yin and Yang are always surrounded by the rule of balance. Simply put, treating heat syndrome with cold methods and treating cold syndrome with heat methods is a kind of Chinese Medicine treatment.

Yin Ying 5

TCM Detoxification

This is a group of pictures which show a skin disease caused by toxins. The Chinese Medicine detoxification concept consists of three systems. Tai Yang Bladder Meridian, the Yang Ming Stomach Meridian and the Shao Yang gall Bladder Meridian cooperate with each other to detoxify the body through three important processes: defecation, urine and sweat.

The diagnosis for all skin disease must pay attention to these three systems, making sure they are normal. The causes of this skin condition most likely is the deterioration of detoxification function with improper diet and food. For example fish, shrimp, crab, fried and barbecue food will lead to such skin diseases.

The treatment for this disease is to strengthen the Yin substance and balance the Yin and Yang in order to enhance and improve the internal environment and detoxification system. Topical creams and anti-inflammatory medicine will not change the inner nature of the patient.

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