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Take a look at some of the successful treatments performed by Ming Town Refresh Health Centre. Our professionals have provided results for problems such as hair loss, Meniere’s disease, hives and more. If you would like to learn more about these particular cases, or if you have a case of your own that you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact us.

Young Female Problem of Hair Loss

This is a picture of a young lady suffering hair loss and turning grey prematurely. The initial symptom was insomnia, which the patient had been experiencing for five years. She was taking sleeping pills and anti-depressant drugs for a long time. She also experienced night sweats, with more sweat in the centre of the heart, armpits and palms. The faulty crack on her tongue is a sign of Yin deficiency. She also experienced an electrical sensation in her armpit; her sight was blurry and fuzzy; her mouth was tasteless; her appetite was lost; her hair fell off in large chunks, almost to the state of baldness; the hair on her crown and both sides turned grey prematurely; and her face had dark pox rashes intermittently.

From the TCM diagnostic point of view, these kinds of symptoms usually belong to Yin deficiency. Electrical sensation in armpit and blurry eyesight are consequences of malfunctioning of the open/close capability of the Xiao Yang Bladder Meridian. All that is required is to raise the Yang nutrient, which results in rebuilding the balance of Yin and Yang. As long as the open/close capability is complemented and regulated, symptoms such as insomnia, night sweats, etc. would be improved.

After about three months of treatment, appetite, sleep, urine and bowel movements all became normal again. Night sweats stopped, hair growth was noticeable, and this picture was an obvious statement.

Yin deficiency is a cause of deprivation of Yin material in our body. Such material is comprised of fluid, essence and blood. Usually, what causes hair loss in females is what traditional Chinese medicine calls “blood deficiency”, but it’s different than the definition of anemia. If a patient suffering hair loss with blood deficiency indication (by standard of Chinese Medicine) went for a medical test, their results are normally not what Chinese Medicine refers to, thus confusion is created.

Young Female Problem of Hair Loss 3

Middle Age Female Problem of Hair Loss

Picture shown: hair loss problem. The hair loss was so severe that the patient was almost bald. Symptoms experienced included insomnia, night sweats and canker sores. This is a sign of Yin deficiency. Even though her hands and feet were cold, she felt annoyingly hot internally. Also, she felt aches in the bladder area; little urine passed; she was exhausted and had weary eyes, impeded breath and frequent urination at night. All this was a result of Foot Tai Yang Bladder Meridian impairment, which controls and regulates fluid distribution. It was also a sign of both Yin and Yang deficiency, with Yin being more affected.

In the process of TCM raising and balancing our Yin and Yang, we emphasize replenishing Yin substance/nutrients, while at the same time adjusting and improving the conductivity of water fluid distribution and the functionality of the TaiYang Bladder Meridian.

This is the picture taken after 30 days of receiving TCM treatment. Hair growth states that both diagnosis and treatment are spot on.

The Holism concept is one of the characteristics of Chinese Medicine. The human body is an indivisible unit. The normality of hair growth is closely related to internal organs, meridians, qi and blood. Improvement of internal environments will lead to healthier hair growth.

Misdiagnosis as Meniere’s Disease

A black patch began to appear on the right side of his upper face as shown in the picture. Other symptoms Cheung experienced at the same time were: dizziness, ringing in ears, insomnia, nauseated feelings, loss of appetite, bitter taste in his mouth and dry mouth. This illness, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) philosophy, is an imbalance of opening/closing of the Foot Shao Yang Gall Bladder Meridian.

Because of such imbalance, it led to the malfunctioning capability of the Tai Yang Bladder Meridian to distribute fluid. As a result, Cheung felt stiff in the neck, urinated frequently yet passed little urine. Cheung was exhausted both physically and mentally. Water blisters started developing on the upper right side of his face, which then developed into a black patch.

Based on TCM treatment for this disease, the opening/closing of the Foot Shao Yang Gall Bladder Meridian needed to be regulated, which leads to proper functioning of the distribution and circulation of fluid capability of the Foot Tai Yang Bladder Meridian. Then fluid would get distributed evenly in a human’s body.

Therefore, after thirty days of such treatment, Cheung’s symptoms described above improved gradually.

This is the after treatment picture. The black patch dissipated; dizziness, ringing in ears, insomnia and nauseated feelings were all gone.

TCM treatment emphasizes on the opening/closing functionality of the Shao Yang Gall Bladder Meridian, thus adjusting the ascending and descending of the Yin and Yang energy. The application of raising the Yang energy as a key treatment was based on diagnosis of the distributing and circulating fluid capability. This was the treatment given after TCM diagnosis.

This is what’s called “apply treatment based on diagnosis” traditionally. If the diagnosis is wrong, then the whole treatment would be erroneous.

If gall bladder and bladder are being examined using today’s medical viewpoint, its result would cause TCM treatment to be rejected under a misinterpreting situation. The root of such misapprehension is due to lack of knowledge and understanding of TCM.

Vitiligo & Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

This is a set of pictures for the facial skin disease called vitiligo.

Born in 1984, the first menstrual cycle, or menarche, started at the age of 17. Six months after menarche, the cycle ceased and became sporadic afterwards. The western medicine diagnosis of this symptom as polycystic ovarian syndrome is a condition of imbalance of female sex hormones. In 2009, a skin disease called vitiligo started to develop on the face. With the skin disease, there were symptoms such as edema in the face and feet, frequent urination will less volume, bitterness of taste and dry mouth, tinnitus, neck pain, coldness in hands and feet, but vexing heat internally. Between 5 and 7pm, the patient often felt uncomfortable and also had a low fever.

Vitiligo is one of the most difficult skin diseases to treat. Treatment guidelines should focus on harmonizing the body’s internal systems. Usually the location of where the vitiligo started often reflects issues related to the corresponding meridians and internal organs.

TCM diagnosis: potential of having “pathological weakness” of the Kidney Meridian, the Urinary Bladder Meridian and the Gall Bladder Meridian.

The Kidney and Urinary Bladder Meridian are closely related and complemented to each other as Yin and Yang. Edema and afternoon low fever can be categorized as exterior symptoms. Thus, the fundamental treatment would emphasize on adjusting and improving the transformation of bodily fluids through the Urinary Bladder Meridian. With the aid of the Gall Bladder Meridian, this transformation becomes more effective with the Urinary Bladder Meridian. As a result, the kidney’s functional condition would gradually improve.

Vitiligo & Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome 3

Through the conditioning of the Urinary Bladder Meridian and the Gall Bladder Meridian, there was a great improvement of the symptoms. The thick, white coating of the tongue shown in the pictures faded, transformation of bodily fluids were restored, the fever subsided, facial swelling reduced, vitiligo weakened significantly with the edge deluged, hair began to turn dark and regular menstruation returned. This all illustrates the kidney problem has improved.

Vitiligo & Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome 4

Serious Skin Problem

This group of pictures shows a patient experiencing a serious skin problem. His abdomen, back and four limbs were all covered with hybrid spots, and a stinging sensation occurred on those spots. The patient had this disease for over a decade. Moreover, he experienced aches and pains along where the Foot Tai Yang Bladder Meridian travels, i.e. head, neck, back. He also experienced scanty urination and exhaustion.

The loosely hanging belly in the picture reflects the appearance of the fluid stuck and sitting in the belly. When the distribution and transformation of fluid in a human body is not functioning normally, toxins in the body can not be disposed, causing serious symptoms such as serious skin problems.

Serious Skin Problem 2

The cause of the obstruction of the transport fluid capability of the Foot Tai Yang Bladder Meridian is most probably because of Yang deficiency. The deficiency of Yang energy cannot vaporize the body fluid, thus affecting the open/close capability of the Foot Shao Yang Gall Bladder Meridian. These symptoms include bitter and dry mouth, which is bothered and irritated.

Serious Skin Problem 3

Skin diseases result from the change of internal environment, which then affects the detoxification of our system. The presence of toxins can only be considered as different types of disease or viruses, but the difference in the approach of treating the problems is: do we use drugs to totally annihilate the virus, or just change the internal environment and let the detoxification functionality recover? These are two totally different approaches that we must introduce to people so they can differentiate the two systems of approach. This is the picture after the improvement, therefore proving the accountability of Chinese Medicine.

Skin Disease on Hand: Liriodendron Wind

Liriodendron Wind is one of the rare difficult skin diseases in medical science. Its cause has many complex factors.

Accompanied symptoms included loss of appetite, bowel movement once every 3-4 days, physical exhaustion as well as abdomen and stomach bloating. Observation of the tongue reflects that this is a very obvious Yin deficient case. The tongue texture appears dull red, thin and long. The coating is completely peeled off, resembling beef texture, and the surface is covered with a lot of deep cracks. Patient also experienced menstrual disorder, night sweats, constipation and stomach pain. All these symptoms are inevitable manifestations of Yin deficiency.

According to the academic direction of Chinese Medicine, nurturing Yin and replenishing body fluid and blood is suitable to cure this disease, and the above symptoms would subside gradually. From the after treatment picture of the tongue, the beef texture look has been obviously improving, and the cracks are lessened and lightened. From the picture of the palm, the condition has been improving consistently. This is a picture after two months of treatment, and is another example to indicate the logic of the diagnostic hypothesis of Chinese Medicine and its corresponding treatment.

Skin Disease on Hand: Liriodendron Wind 3

Skin disease appears externally on the surface, yet the root cause of the problem is actually inside the human body.

Skin Disease on Hand: Liriodendron Wind 4

Skin Problem: Hives / Urticaria

This is a group of pictures of skin problems called hives (hives are also known as urticaria). The onset of this skin eruption is characterized by a lesion that develops into patches or sheet-like marks with a protruding skin surface. It is very itchy and uncomfortable.

The causes of this condition are often related with the Foot Tai Yang Bladder Meridian. This Meridian is not only in charge of distribution of body fluid, but it is also in charge of detoxification. Therefore, urticaria is due to the accumulation of internal toxins in conjunction with an attack by a wind pathogenic factor. This skin condition can be treated by improving the function of the Foot Tai Yang Bladder Meridian, eliminating toxins and dispelling the wind pathogen. This patient had a history of prostate gland inflammation, which is also caused by the Tai Yang Bladder Meridian’s failure to distribute body fluid.

Skin Problem: Hives / Urticaria 2

After confirmation of the diagnosis, the correct treatment was applied and the symptoms quickly disappeared. After treatment, there has not been a recurrence of the symptoms.

Skin Problem: Hives / Urticaria 2

Problem of Swelling: Weakening of Yang Qi

The cause of swelling is related to maladjustment of the circulation of fluid in the lungs, spleen, kidney, bladder and Triple Energy Meridian systems. The circulation blockage is usually in the Bladder Meridian. The Bladder Meridian is the longest and most widely distributed meridian system in a human body. Other symptoms along with this cause included upper and low back pain as well as leg pain.

Problem of Swelling: Weakening of Yang Qi 1

The cause of edema is closely related to Yang deficiency. The off-white, smooth and half teeth marks on the patient’s tongue reflect Yang deficiency. Chinese Medicine theory states that blockage of the metabolic fluid distribution in a human body is related to:

  • Degeneration of the Foot Tai Yang Bladder Meridian’s distribution and circulations of fluid functionality
  • Decrease in body energy levels due to Yang deficiency
Problem of Swelling: Weakening of Yang Qi 2

A correct, key treatment for edema is to replenish Yang minerals. If Yin/Yang is misdiagnosed, then there will be an overdosed treatment of Yin minerals. Other than affecting the distribution fluid functionality, the treatment will damage the Yang energy further, which in this case resulted in prostration.

Problem of Swelling: Weakening of Yang Qi 3

To assure the distributed/circulated fluid functions properly, the most important factor is indeed to replenish Yang energy. It’s similar to the concept of the evaporation process by the sun. If there is no sun, water in lakes, rivers and oceans cannot be evaporated to form clouds and rain. Thus, without circulation of water, all living things would face crisis! The swelling existing in the human body is all caused by the lack of Yang energy to raise the temperature of fluid. By paying attention to replenish Yang minerals in the patient’s body, the patient experienced noticeable improvement in other related symptoms such as increase in urination quantity, reduced swelling and shortness of breath.

Problem of Swelling: Weakening of Yang Qi 4
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