Dr. Qi Ming Chen, TCMD

Dr. Qi Ming Chen was born in 1945, in Guangzhou, China. Growing up in a family which has been in the medical profession for generations, Dr. Chen had an interest in medical knowledge since his early childhood.

He was a Registered Doctor of TCM of the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China; Registered TCM Pharmacist of Guangdong, China; Professor of TCM at the Central China Technology Institute, South China Medical College; Vice-President of the Central Guangzhou Health Research Institute; Doctor of TCM of the Department of Aging Study and Health Restoration; Member of Holistic Medical Practitioners, Medical College Association of China; Board Member of Medical Hall of Fame, China; Board Member of TCM Association, Hong Kong; Research Officer at the Department of Birth, Science Institute of China; Research Officer at the Technology and Human Resource Development Centre of China.

Dr. Chen’s unique approach in TCM is founded on his extensive knowledge and research in classical Chinese medical doctrines, focusing on treatment protocol, wellness maintenance, disease prevention, self-care and life enhancement practice. His specially formulated medications include: Energy Supplement; Balance Formula; Tai Yin San; Shao Yao San; Hong Gui San; Zhon Zhi Dan; Hua Gai San. These have been proven effective in his practice, dealing with conditions related to aging, healing and recovery processes, common feminine diseases, follow ups on external injuries, etc.

Dr. Chen has been actively promoting popular science to the general public, organizing health and medical seminars, and volunteering health services under the invitations by major corporations, medical and education authorities, senior citizen centres, charitable organizations and societies. His expertise and ethics are highly commended by international media.

Dr. Chen was a prize winner (Guangdong Social Science Association) for his discussion paper, “Enhancement and Development of the Brain in Chinese Medical Literature”. His article “Ten Ways for Longevity” in the “Popular Science” won him the gold medal from the “Millennium Doctor” of Hong Kong. His medical journal “The Secrets of Longevity” was published in 1996 by the Guangzhou Publishing Company and earned him the titles of “Famous Contemporary Medical Doctor of China”, “Famous Contemporary Medical Doctor of Beijing”, and “Famous Medical Doctor of One Thousand Years”.

Dr. Chen has designed the application and the procedures of “Extraction of Clogged Blood”. This particular module was founded on the theory of Capillary Blood Circulation in contemporary medicine, and the study of Acupuncture Meridians in TCM. It is a new system complete with its own theory, methodology, guidelines, materials, tools and equipment. The application is broad and produces good results in treating diseases due to blood clogging, such as high blood pressure, heart conditions, tumors and arthritis. He would like to introduce this system as a teaching material and application in healing centres. Dr. Chen’s medical contributions are noted in the “Encyclopedia of Chinese Experts”, edited by the Department of Human Resources of China; “Encyclopedia of Distinguished Medical Doctors and Medicine”; “World Record of Distinguished People in Medicine”; and the “International Medical Experts”.

Dr. Chen immigrated to Canada in 2002. He lives in Edmonton and continues to develop his work in TCM. He founded the Ming Town Chinese Herbal Pharmacy, Ming Town TCM Research Institute and the Ming Town Refresh Health Centre. He is the chief editor for the Life Enhancement and Health Maintenance Section of the “Canadian Chinese Times”. He has been the Secretary and later the Vice-Chairman of the Edmonton TCM and Chinese Herbal Medicine Association. Currently, he is a consultant for the Chinese Medical Culture Exchange Association.

Dr. Chen gives courses on TCM Concepts, the Foundation of TCM and the Study of Classical TCM Doctrines. Students include pharmacists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, psychologists, nutritionists, nurses, other professionals and homemakers. These courses help to broaden the public’s interest in TCM. Trainees get a better understanding of its principles and practice, and in matters related to personal health and life enhancement.

In 2011, Dr. Chen designed a didactic exhibition of case studies in diseases he dealt with successfully, and won many favourable comments from viewers.

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